Press Kit

For Systems Leadership:

Linda Booth Sweeney is an educator, writer and strategist for healthy socio-ecological systems change, Dr. Linda Booth Sweeney is internationally recognized for her efforts to make systems thinking actionable by a wide range of audiences. In her Systems Leadership Labs, Linda creates experiences for leaders to think differently, and to experiment with language, visualization tools and knowledge architecture that better mirrors the complexity they are navigating. She is co-author of The Systems Thinking Playbook, The Climate Change Playbook, and numerous other books and journal articles. Her newest book, Apart Together, is a gentle introduction to systems thinking for children and was published by Balzer & Bray in October 2023. Linda holds her doctorate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and lives outside of Boston where she enjoys swimming in Walden Pond and amateur farming.  

For Storytimes:

Linda Booth Sweeney is a writer, educator, game maker, and trampoline jumper who writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. She uses science, art, stories, and humor to encourage people of all ages to be curious about the connections that shape our world. Her picture books include Apart, Together: A Book about Transformation, Monument Maker: Daniel Chester French and the Lincoln Memorial, When the Snow Falls, and When the Wind Blows. She lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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