Project Description

When a Butterfly Sneezes:

A Guide for Helping Kids Explore Interconnections in Our World Through Favorite Stories

(Systems Thinking for Kids, Big and Small, Vol 1)

Written by Linda Booth Sweeney

Can a butterfly’s sneeze actually change the weather thousands of miles away? Our world is full of such surprising interdependencies. But how do we help our children understand such complexity — especially when it impacts the events and the world around them? WHEN A BUTTERFLY SNEEZES teaches us how.

Aided by systems thinking, children learn to ask simple questions: What happens next? What happens to this if there is more or less of that? They start to look for patterns in how things happens, to understand why problems arise, and to figure out what they can do about them. This powerful resources includes a fun, detailed discussion of systems thinking, and a comprehensive guide to 12 favorite children’s stories that illustrate key systems thinking concepts. A must-have resource for educators and parents who want to help children understand the interconnections in our world.

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