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19 October — 11-12:15 EST  

Many sociologists and other scientists have pointed to “asystemic thinking” — or the inability to think about tightly interconnected systems and their dynamics — as one of the reasons many countries experienced costly delays that allowed the COVID-19 virus to spread uncurbed for weeks. What are some practical ideas that make systems thinking actionable for a greater number of people?

In this session, I will share “Curious about Connections,” a simple, inquiry-based teaching framework designed to foster collaborative, inclusive dialogue while promoting systems thinking, critical thinking, communication skills, and empathy.

I’m excited to explore ways this framework can be used by families, teachers, and professionals in a variety of settings.

— Linda



The monthly Learning Practice, hosted by the National Mentorship Movement (NMM), Global Society for Organisational Learning (SoL), and the SoL Coaching Community, brings together a diverse group of coaches, mentors, mentees, and SoL members.

The sessions are 1¼ hours long (with extra time), informal, and interactive, and is attended by a mixed group of coaches, mentors, mentees, and members of SoL.  Our guest shares their insights for 20 to 30 minutes, followed by open conversation in various formats, allowing participants to connect and continue learning beyond the guest inputs. This creates a dynamic environment for sharing knowledge and experiences

NMM a non-profit organization’s mission is to scale mentorship across South Africa, matching volunteer mentors with individuals who can benefit from their expertise with a view to addressing our endemic problems of poverty, lack of employment, and crumbling social cohesion. (Link to the website)

The collaboration between NMM and SoL exemplifies the power of partnership and we have found that this format enriches the learning experience and serves as a valuable resource for all participants.